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Source of statistics: School level data

Published Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What data is published at a school level in the UK and where can I find it?

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The range of school level statistics that are regularly published has increased over time. These data have been produced as stand-alone ‘products’, such as the school performance tables, for many years. But further school level data is increasingly being made available alongside existing statistical publications which only include national/regional/local authority data. This can make it difficult to find the full range of data that is produced at school level as it is not always clear which publications have this information. The aim of this guide is to show the full range of publicly available school level data and provide links to it. As education is a devolved matter the material in this guide is arranged by home country with the bulk of school level data produced by the Department for Education for England.

Commons Briefing papers CBP-7500

Authors: Paul Bolton; Yago Zayed

Topics: Ofsted, Schools, Special educational needs, Teachers

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