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Brexit and UK immigration and asylum policy: a reading list

Published Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This reading list collates some recent commentary on the implications of the EU referendum vote for future UK immigration and asylum policy, and links to some related Library briefings.

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The issues covered in the articles highlighted include:

Options for a future agreement with the EU on ‘free movement of people’

  • Is it feasible that the UK will be able to secure a trade deal with the EU as well as a greater ability to control EU immigration?
  • To what extent do the EEA/EFTA agreements with the EU require the application of EU free movement of people laws?
  • Might the EEA/EFTA arrangements be suitable models for the UK to seek to emulate?

Options for immigration policy post-Brexit

  • What implications does leaving the EU have for the future design of UK immigration policy?
  • How might immigration flows be affected by changes to EU citizens' free movement rights?
  • How should policymakers respond to the referendum result, in advance of the UK leaving the EU?

Implications for asylum policy

  • What implications might leaving the EU have for asylum/refugee intake to the UK?
  • Would leaving the EU require widespread changes to UK asylum laws?
  • Would the UK be able to continue to participate in EU-wide asylum measures, such as the Dublin regulations?

Commons Briefing papers CBP-7675

Author: Melanie Gower

Topics: Asylum, EU institutions, EU law and treaties, EU political integration, Immigration

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