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Work and Health Programme

Published Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Work and Health Programme is a new welfare-to-work programme due to be launched in autumn 2017. It will provide specialised employment support for people with disabilities and long-term unemployed people.

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The Work and Health Programme is a welfare-to-work programme which will be launched in autumn 2017. It will provide specialised support for those unemployed for over two years and, on a voluntary basis, to those with health conditions or disabilities. The Government expects that the majority of people referred to the Programme will be disabled. The Programme will be run by service providers awarded contracts by the Government.

The Programme will target people who with specialist support are likely to be able to find work within 12 months. It takes the place of two existing welfare-to-work schemes, the Work Programme and Work Choice, although many jobseekers who would previously have been supported by the Work Programme will now receive support directly through Jobcentre Plus rather than the Work and Health Programme.

Funding for the Work and Health Programme will be £130 million a year by 2019/20, including funds devolved to Scotland. Aspects of the Programme will also be devolved to local areas.

The Programme forms part of a wider package of employment support for people with disabilities, as outlined in the Government’s Work, Health and Disability Green Paper: Improving Lives, published in October 2016. The Green Paper also includes proposals to increase the level of employment support provided to disabled people through the Jobcentre Plus network.

Commons Briefing papers CBP-7845

Authors: Feargal McGuinness; James Mirza Davies

Topics: Employment schemes, Unemployment

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