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The Catalan independence vote 2017

Published Thursday, August 31, 2017

Could Catalonia be independent on 2 October 2017?

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The question of Spain’s regions has been a hot political issue for a long time and resentments run deep. A referendum was held in 2014, resulting in a poor turnout and temporary disqualification from public office for the politician held responsible for it. Of the minority that did vote, some 80% were in favour of independence.

Another vote is planned for 1 October 2017. The Catalan Government’s position is that it is a binding referendum and that a Yes vote will mean instant independence for the region. Central Government in Madrid, led by the conservative Partido Popular, describes the vote as unconstitutional and backs legal action against those organising it.

There may be room for compromise in the form of a deal offering enhanced powers to the Catalans, within the existing system. The atmosphere of confrontation, however, is making discussion of any such compromise difficult.

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Author: Ben Smith

Topics: Devolution, Western Europe

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