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Employment - National: Key Economic Indicators

Published Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Employment: data on employment in the UK.

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 31.80 million people were in employment in September-November 2016, down 9,000 from the previous quarter but up 294,000 from the previous year. The employment rate (the proportion of the population aged 16-64 in work) was 74.5%, up 0.4% points on the previous year.


Female employment increased by 55,000 over the past quarter to 14.92 million. The employment rate for women aged 16-64 was 69.9%.

16.88 million men were in work in August-November 2016, 63,000 lower than the previous quarter. The employment rate for men aged 16-64 was 79.1%.


Types of Employment

4.76 million people were self-employed, down 0.4% points on the previous quarter. There was also a slight decrease in the number of people working as employees, down 8,000 to 26.82 million.

23.25 million people were working full-time in August-October 2016, up 23,000 from the previous quarter and 209,000 higher than a year earlier. There were 8.55 million people working part-time, down 32,000 from the previous quarter but 86,000 higher than a year earlier.

1.62 million people were employed on a temporary basis, down 35,000 from the previous quarter and down 22,000 from the previous year.




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Author: Jennifer Brown

Topics: Economic situation, Employment

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