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Badger Culling: Krebs Trials and Policy to 2008

Published Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Randomised badger culling trials (RBCT) carried out by the previous Government and policy to 2008 summarised.

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This note covers the badger culling trials carried out by the previous Government and policy to 2008. It includes details of the scientific trials Following the findings of the UK Randomised Badger Culling Trial (RBCT), or Krebs Trials, the previous Government decided in 2008 not to introduce a badger cull as part of bovine TB control measures. The Trial concluded that a reactive cull of badgers resulted in significant increases in bovine TB and a proactive cull, while controlling TB in the cull area, contributed to an increase in TB in surrounding areas, and would not be cost effective

Library note SNSC 5873 on Badger Culling summarises developments since 2010, including the current Government’s decision to cull badgers using controlled shooting. Library Note SNSC 6387 covers details of the controlled shooting pilots in England. Library Note SNSC 6447 covers developments in TB vaccination of badgers and cattle. Library Note SNSC 6081 covers Bovine TB Statistics

Commons Briefing papers SN03751

Author: Elena Ares

Topics: Agriculture, Agriculture and environment, Animal diseases, Animal welfare, Animals, Countryside, Wildlife

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