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Public Expenditure by country and region

Published Tuesday, March 8, 2016

This note provides information on levels of public spending per head in the countries and regions of the UK.

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In 2014/15, public spending per head in the UK as a whole was £8,913. In England, it was £8,638 (3% below the UK average).  This compares with:

  • Scotland: £10,374 (16% above the UK average)
  • Wales: £9,904 (11% above the UK average)
  • Northern Ireland £11,106 (25% above the UK average).

Among the English regions, public spending per head was lowest in the South East at £7,756 (13% below the UK average) and highest in London at £9,840 (10% higher than the UK average).


Public spending per head, £s, 2014/15

Commons Briefing papers SN04033

Author: Matthew Keep

Topic: Public expenditure

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