Current Members Related to Other Current or Former Members

Published Thursday, July 9, 2015

MPs who have family members that are also current or former Members of the House of Commons.

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This list notes MPs who, as of July 2015, have family members who are also current or former Members of the House of Commons. This list contains all those currently known to the Commons Library. In-laws are not included and relationships more than four generations back are not noted.

Due to the difficulties in documenting relationships of this nature, the Library cannot guarantee that this list is definitive. We are always happy to hear of any additions or amendments to the list. Please email with any comments.

Note: Subsequent honours or peerages awarded after the Member has left the Commons are not reflected in this list.

For fuller biographical and electoral information on Members, see the following sources:


Commons Briefing papers SN04809

Author: Sarah Priddy

Topic: Members of Parliament

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