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Youth unemployment statistics

Published Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This paper presents the latest statistics on youth unemployment in the UK as well as comparisons with other EU countries.

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Please note this paper will not be updated over the dissolution period.

New data relevant to this paper will be published on 17 May 2017. You can find the latest information in the source material: ONS, UK labour market: May 2017 table A06.

558,000 young people aged 16-24 in the UK were unemployed in December 2016-February 2017, down 14,000 from the previous quarter and down 72,000 from a year ago.

The unemployment rate (the proportion of the economically active population who are unemployed) for 16-24 year olds was 12.4%, down from 13.7% a year ago.

Excluding young people in full-time education, 365,000 people aged 16-24 were unemployed in December 2016-February 2017, down 15,000 from the previous quarter and down 50,000 from a year earlier.

The unemployment rate for 16-24 year olds not in full-time education was 10.9%, compared to 12.1% a year ago.





Commons Briefing papers SN05871

Author: Feargal McGuinness

Topic: Unemployment

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