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Regional and National Economic Indicators

Published Thursday, April 13, 2017

Data summarising the economic situation in the regions and countries of the UK

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This briefing contains key economic data for the regions and countries of the UK, compared to the national average. Summary tables comparing the regional/country data is also provided, along with some charts showing differences between the regions/countries for selected data.

The majority of these data are from official sources – the Office for National Statistics (ONS) or government departments. The forecasts for economic growth are from Oxford Economics, an economic consultancy.

The variables included are:

  • Overall economic output and output per head
  • Economic growth since 2010
  • Forecast economic growth
  • Employment levels and rates
  • Unemployment levels and rates
  • Average earnings
  • Jobs in manufacturing
  • Employment in the public sector
  • Average house prices and annual change
  • Government spending per head
  • Median income tax paid
  • Number of businesses and new businesses since 2010

Commons Briefing papers SN06924

Authors: Chris Rhodes; Matthew Ward; Daniel Harari

Topic: Economic situation

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