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Published Thursday, November 3, 2016

UK research and development expenditure with regional breakdown and international comparisons.

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In 2014 the UK’s gross domestic expenditure on research & development (GERD) was, in current (cash) terms, £30.6 billion.

In constant prices, adjusted for inflation, R&D expenditure has increased by 45% from the 1990 estimate of £21.1 billion. Expenditure peaked in 2014 at £30.6 billion.

GERD fell slightly as a percentage of GDP between 1990-2014. With a peak of 1.89% of GDP in 1990, it fell to a low of 1.59% in 2004. In 2014 GERD was 1.67% of GDP the same as 2013.


The business sector accounted for £19.9 billion of expenditure (current prices) in 2014, or 65% of total GERD. Higher education accounted for 26%, government & research councils for 7% and private non-profit for 2%.

UK GERD by sector,country and region, 2014







Internationally, UK GERD as a percentage of GDP was below EU28 (1.95%), OECD (2.38%), Germany (2.90%) and China (2.05%).


Commons Briefing papers SN06967

Author: Yago Zayed

Topics: Research and innovation, Science

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