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    • Commons Briefing papers: Papers providing in-depth and impartial analysis on every major piece of primary legislation and on other topics of public and parliamentary concern. Regular statistics papers are also published.
    • Lords Library Notes: Authored publications by the research section of the House of Lords Library that provide analysis of Bills, subjects for debate in the House and other issues of interest to Members.
    • POSTbriefs: Responsive policy briefings from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology based on mini-literature reviews and peer review, typically commissioned by select committees and library research services.
    • POSTnotes: Proactive four-page policy briefings from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology based on reviews of the research literature, interviews with stakeholders and peer review, commissioned by the POST Board.
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    Topics: Research material can be filtered by subject using the topic terms. The topics are arranged in a taxonomy (a hierarchical classification) and can be further filtered using sub-topics.

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Anti-social neighbours living in private housing (England)
Published Tuesday, August 27, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers SN01012
This briefing paper outlines the legal position and potential remedies available where people find themselves living next door to tenants of private landlords or owner-occupiers who exhibit anti-social behaviour (ASB). The briefing focuses on the legal position in England.
Freehold houses: estate charges
Published Tuesday, August 20, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers CBP-8497
It is becoming increasingly common on new-build private estates for freeholders to be required to contribute to the maintenance of the estate’s communal areas and facilities. This practice has been referred to as 'fleecehold'. This short paper provides background on the issue and sets out the Government's proposed reforms. The paper covers England only.
Leasehold and commonhold reform
Published Tuesday, August 6, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers CBP-8047
This briefing paper considers trends in leasehold ownership and ongoing problems associated with the sector. The Government has committed to legislate in this area "as soon as Parliamentary time allows".
New-build housing: construction defects - issues and solutions (England)
Published Thursday, August 1, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers CBP-7665
This briefing paper considers the existing building control regime and customers’ means of redress when faced with defects in newly built housing. It summarises the findings of the All-Party Parliamentary Group's 2016 inquiry and recommended actions and explains the Government and industry response.
Leaseholders in social housing: paying for major works (England)
Published Friday, July 5, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers SN04553
An explanation of the assistance available to assist long leaseholders of social landlords in paying for major works. In August 2014 the Coalition Government introduced a cap on the amount that can be recovered from these long leaseholders where the work has been carried out with funding from central Government. The cap has been referred to as "Florrie's law." The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has recommended the introduction of a Code of Practice for social landlords.
Mobile (park) homes
Published Friday, June 28, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers SN01080
This Commons Library briefing paper provides an overview of the the rights of residents who live year-round on mobile home parks. The main focus of the paper is on mobile home owners in England but sections on Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are included.
Estimates Day debate: Spending of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
Published Friday, June 28, 2019 | Commons Debate packs CDP-2019-0162
There will be an Estimates Day debate in the House of Commons Chamber on 2 July 2019 on the spending of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). The debate will be opened by Layla Moran MP.
Mobile (park homes): 10% commission on sales
Published Wednesday, June 26, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers SN07003
This House of Commons Library briefing paper explains the requirement to pay 10% commission on the sale price of a mobile home to the site owner and provides information on various reviews of that requirement. Mobile home owners regard the commission charge as "unfair and out of date", whilst site owners regard it as an important source of income.
Leasehold retirement homes: exit/event fees
Published Thursday, May 30, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers SN05994
This briefing paper explains action taken by the Office of Fair Trading and the Law Commission to investigate fees charged by managing agents or freeholders when a leasehold owner of a retirement flat wants to sell or rent out their home. These fees are often referred to as 'exit' or 'event' fees.
What is affordable housing?
Published Monday, May 20, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers CBP-7747
This briefing paper considers how affordable housing is defined in England and looks at key trends in the affordability of different tenure types. It examines the supply of affordable housing and the role of Housing Benefit in enabling households to access and retain affordable housing.
Stimulating housing supply - Government initiatives (England)
Published Wednesday, May 15, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers SN06416
This briefing paper summarises key Government initiatives aimed at increasing housing supply in England since 2015. The paper makes reference to planning measures but does not cover them in any detail.
Leasehold high-rise flats: who pays for fire safety work?
Published Tuesday, May 14, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers CBP-8244
This paper considers the debate about who is responsible for paying for fire safety works on blocks of flats in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire. It has been updated to include information on the Government decision to fund remediation work for affected blocks with ACM cladding in the social and private sectors.
Equality of Opportunity and Quality of Life for Young People
Published Thursday, May 9, 2019 | Lords Library notes LLN-2019-0056
This House of Lords Library briefing has been prepared in advance of the debate on equality of opportunity and beneficial quality of life for young people which is due to take place in the House of Lords on 16 May 2019.
Covenants on freehold land
Published Wednesday, May 8, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers CBP-8560
This Library briefing paper provides general information about the freehold covenants. Specifically, detecting, enforcing, modifying or releasing a covenant.
Housing options for serving and ex-military personnel
Published Wednesday, April 24, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers SN04244
This Briefing Paper outlines the housing options open to serving and ex-military personnel, it does not cover service accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence.
General debate: Housing
Published Thursday, April 4, 2019 | Commons Debate packs CDP-2019-0064
There will be a General Debate on the subject of housing on 9 April 2019. This landing page provides links to a selection of relevant Library papers.
Improving the home buying and selling process in England
Published Wednesday, February 27, 2019 | Commons Briefing papers SN06980
This Commons Library briefing paper provides an overview of the home buying and selling process in England, stakeholder concerns with the current process, and Government proposals to improve the process and make it "quicker, cheaper and less stressful". The paper also provides a comparison with the conveyancing process in Scotland.
Protection for homebuyers
Published Wednesday, November 28, 2018 | Commons Debate packs CDP-2018-0266
On 13 December 2018, there will be a Westminster Hall debate on Protection for homebuyers, sponsored by Kate Green MP. The debate is scheduled to take place at 1:30pm.
Housing: key resources for constituency casework (England)
Published Monday, November 12, 2018 | Commons Briefing papers SN04433
Housing generates a lot of questions for MPs and their constituency caseworkers. This paper provides a guide to some reliable sources of information (including other House of Commons Library briefings) for answering the most common constituents' housing questions.
Stamp duty land tax on residential property
Published Friday, November 9, 2018 | Commons Briefing papers SN07050
This Commons Library paper discusses the reforms to taxation of sales of residential property that have been made in recent years, before looking at earlier debates about the way house sales have been taxed.

Displaying 1-20 out of 75

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