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Deprivation in English constituencies, 2015

Published Friday, October 9, 2015

This paper looks at relative levels of deprivation across constituencies in England, including which constituencies have become more deprived or less deprived relative to other areas. An online tool maps the variation in deprivation levels within individual constituencies.

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This paper presents deprivation statistics for parliamentary constituencies in England. Estimates have been calculated by the House of Commons Library using data published by the Department for Communities and Local Government in the English Indices of Deprivation 2015 (largely based on data for 2012/13).

  • There are concentrations of deprivation in the former Metropolitan Counties, coastal areas and parts of East London.
  • 356 out of 533 constituencies in England contain at least one small area that is among the 10% most deprived in England.
  • Comparing the 2015 figures with the 2010 Indices of Deprivation, constituencies that have become relatively more deprived include many constituencies in the East of England and Kent, while many constituencies in London are relatively less deprived.

A table published alongside this paper provides data for all constituencies. The Library has also published an online tool which allows users to see how deprivation varies within their constituency.

Figures are only relative so although we are able to say whether one area is more deprived than another, we cannot quantify how much more deprived it is.

The CLG report contains extensive analysis of the deprivation data and explains in detail how the figures are put together. An interactive map shows data for all LSOAs in England. Deprivation data for other parts of the UK are produced by the devolved administrations and are not directly comparable.

Commons Briefing papers CBP-7327

Author: Feargal McGuinness

Topics: Incomes and poverty, Population

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