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Agriculture in the home countries: Social Indicators page

Published Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Agriculture in the home countries: Social Indicators page providing summary statistics on agriculture in the countries of the UK from the annual June farm surveys.

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In the 12 years up to 2016, agriculture’s contribution to the UK, measured as its share of UK Gross Value Added (GVA), has remained at 0.6%.

In 2016, agriculture's contribution to GVA was smallest in England and Wales at 0.6%, and highest in Northern Ireland at 1.1%.

In 2016, agricultural employment as a share of each country's employment was lowest in England at 1.0% and highest in Northern Ireland at 5.5%.

Compared to the other home countries, agriculture in England tended concentrated more on crops in the year up to June 2016.

Holdings in Scotland were, on average, much larger than elsewhere in the UK and had a disproportionately large area of rough grazing.

Holdings in Wales had a small percentage area of crops along with Northern Ireland, and by far the largest number of sheep per hectare.

The broad breakdown of land use in Northern Ireland was similar to that in Wales, but beef and dairy farming dominated, and the number of cattle per hectare was above any of the other home countries.


Commons Briefing papers CBP-7754

Author: Lydia Jackson

Topic: Agriculture

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