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Bovine TB and badger culling: devolved administrations

Published Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A summary of the approach to the control of bovine TB (bTB), including badger culling, in the devolved administrations.

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Policy for dealing with bovine TB is devolved in the UK. The incidence of TB in cattle and wildlife varies across the UK, and as such the control of bovine TB (bTB) is approached differently among the devolved administrations, with different policies on badger control and TB testing in cattle. This briefing paper explains the approach taken in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Under existing legislation, cattle must be routinely tested for TB in the UK. In England and Wales, the respective Governments have published strategies to work towards the eradication of bovine TB, while Northern Ireland’s strategy is currently under consultation. These policies add to existing requirements on testing in cattle.

Scotland achieved Officially Tuberculosis Free (OTF) status in 2009. Policy in England has included badger culling since 2013, allowing the controlled shooting of badgers under licence. Further details can be found in the Commons Briefing Paper on Badger Culling in England.


Commons Briefing papers CBP-8188

Author: Elena Ares

Topics: Agriculture and environment, Animal diseases, Animal welfare, Countryside, Farmers

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