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Members of the House of Commons since 1979

Published Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Since the 1979 General Election, there have been 2,128 people elected to the House of Commons. Of these, 403 have been women and 1,725 have been men. This publication lists all Members of the House of Commons starting from the 1979 General Election which took place on the 3 May. It is a new edition of our 2010 publication.

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The data has been extracted from the UK Parliament’s database of Members known as the Members’ Names Information Service (MNIS).

We endeavour to ensure the data is up to date and as complete as possible. Errors are sometimes made and appointments are occasionally missed. The method of entering data has altered over time so there may be slight inconsistencies in different periods. The newer the information, the more confident we can be of its accuracy. We have not published fields on Committee membership data in this edition.

This publication aims to not only display the members of the House of Commons in this period but allows us to check the data that we hold. If you do spot any errors or missing data, please contact us on We only hold data on certain roles, honours or posts.

The data for this publication was extracted from MNIS on the 31st January 2018.



The data shown in this publication can be downloaded in JSON format in the attached file: members-since-1979.json. Due to the complexities with the data, some manual changes have been made to the PDF output. Consequently, the json file below will not match exactly with the published document.

You can access live data on members elected to Parliament since the 1979 General Election in XML format through the Members Names Information Service (MNIS) with this link.

To request this data in JSON format add "application/json" in either the accept or content-type request header of your http request. For further information on downloading machine-readable data on MPs from MNIS please see the documentation.

Commons Briefing papers CBP-8256

Authors: Christopher Watson; Oliver Hawkins; Richard Cracknell; Lucinda Maer; Richard Kelly; Mark Sandford; Neil Johnston; Hazel Armstrong; Paul Little; Sarah Priddy

Topics: House of Commons, Members of Parliament

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