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Childhood Immunisation Statistics

Published Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Childhood Immunisation Statistics (CBP 8556) by Rachael Harker. This note reports on vaccinations that are given to children up to five years of age. Data is presented for constituent countries of the UK and at regional and local authority level in England. Where available international comparisons are provided.

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In line with World Health Organisation (WHO) targets there is an expectation that 95% coverage is reached for all routine childhood immunisations in the UK by age 5.

UK vaccination coverage rates by age 5 were above 95% in 2017-18 for the DTa/IPV/Hib '5 in 1' primary and the MMR 1 vaccines, but below the target in other areas.

Vaccine coverage in England at 5 years was below that of other UK countries for all vaccinations except the '5 in 1' and Hib/MenC vaccine where Wales had lower coverage.

MMR vaccination rates have shown the most fluctuation over time. The substantial decline in rates from the late 1990's to around 2003-04 is likely to be due to controversy around the link between MMR and autism. Once such a link was discredited vaccination rates improved until recent years.

Levels of vaccine coverage show substantial georgraphical variation. At regional level, London has lower levels of vaccination coverage than all other regions while the North East tends to have highest levels. The distribution on the highest and lowest rates at local authority level tends to mirror the regional performance rankings.

Available international data shows that the UK ranks in the bottom 25% of OECD nations in terms of childhood immunisation coverage.



Commons Briefing papers CBP-8556

Author: Rachael Harker

Topics: Diseases, Vaccination

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