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Regulation of hairdressers

Published Thursday, June 13, 2019

This Commons briefing paper provides information on the current regulation of hairdressers in the UK.

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The hairdressing industry is currently unregulated. There are no general licensing requirements and no statutory requirement for hairdressers (including barbers) to hold specified qualifications. The registration of hairdressers is currently voluntary, but the Hair Council has been campaigning for it to be made mandatory. There have been various attempts to introduce a Bill to regulate hairdressers but without success.

Local authority byelaws may place certain requirements on hairdressing establishments, such as registration on premises and planning requirements may apply in given cases. In addition, hairdressers, like other employers are subject to normal business regulations such as: health and safety requirements, employer and public liability insurance etc. Provided they comply with these requirements they will not be prevented from continuing their business. Information on the health and safety risks associated with hairdressing is available on the website of the Health and Safety Executive.

In terms of redress, hairdressers provide a consumer service and, as such, are subject to consumer protection legislation.  

Commons Briefing papers CBP-8592

Author: Lorraine Conway

Topic: Consumers

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