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Protecting civil society space across the world

Published Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This Debate Pack has been prepared ahead of the debate on 'Protecting civil society space across the world', to be held on Thursday 26 January. The subject for the debate has been chosen by the Backbench Business Committee, following a representation by Jim Shannon, Fiona Bruce and Patrick Grady.

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The UN, in its 'Practical guide for civil society: Civil society space and the United Nations human rights system', explains:

"Freedoms of expressions, association and peaceful assembly, and the right to participate in public affairs, are human rights that enable people to share ideas, form new ones, and join together with others to claim their rights.  It is through the exercise of these public freedoms that we make informed decisions about our economic and social development.  It is through these rights that we can take part in civic activiry and build democratic societies.  To restrict them undermines our collective progress."


Commons Debate packs CDP-2017-0031

Author: Nigel Walker

Topic: Human rights

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