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General debate on the cost and effectiveness of sentences under 12 months and consequences for the prison population

Published Wednesday, March 6, 2019

This briefing has been prepared ahead of a Westminster Hall debate on Thursday 7 March 2019. The debate is sponsored by Ellie Reeves MP.

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Ellie Reeves MP has secured a Westminster Hall debate on the effectiveness of custodial sentences shorter than 12 months. This pack provides background for the debate. It covers the following:


  • Numbers of people serving short sentences  
  • Cost of prison
  • Law and sentencing guidelines 
  • Campaigns to reduce the use of short sentences 
  • Impacts of short term sentences on reoffending 


It also discusses current government policy and provides an overview of recent Parliamentary debate; media comment and other relevant further reading.


Commons Debate packs CDP-2019-0063

Authors: Jacqueline Beard; Maria Lalic; Sue Holland; Georgina Sturge

Topics: Alternatives to prison, Prisons

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