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General debate on improving the lives of people with dementia

Published Friday, June 21, 2019

On 25 June 2019 there will be a general debate on improving the lives of people with dementia. The debate will take place in Westminster Hall and will be led by Debbie Abrahams MP.

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To inform the debate those with experience of dementia are being asked to submit their responses to the recent All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Dementia report Hidden no more: dementia and disability (June 2019); this can be done via an online survey.

In addition, the Commons Library has updated its Dementia: policy, services and statistics briefing paper. This Library briefing provides an overview of dementia prevalence and diagnosis, as well as statistics on current rates and expected rises of dementia prevalence. It also outlines UK Government policy over the last 10 years and considers recent developments, including the Dementia APPG's report.

Health and social care are devolved matters, and so each of the devolved administrations are largely responsible for setting their own dementia policies. While the Library briefing focuses on policies in England, dementia strategies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are briefly outlined (in section 5).

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