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Debate on three e-petitions on the BBC

Published Friday, July 12, 2019

Debate on e-petitions 234627, 234797 and 235653 relating to the BBC.

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On 15 July 2019 the House of Commons will debate three e-petitions on the BBC: 

  • Petition Number 235653 claims that the “quality of BBC programmes do not reflect the price of the TV license. It is far too expensive for the majority of people and should be abolished”.
  • Petition number 234797 calls for a public inquiry into BBC bias. According to the petition, the “impartiality of the BBC is in question and needs addressing so as to protect its charter”.
  • Petition Number 234627 calls for the continued funding of “free TV licences for the over 75s in the future”.

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Commons Debate packs CDP-2019-0194

Authors: John Woodhouse; Maria Lalic; Sue Holland

Topic: Broadcasting

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