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Dissolution Honours: Peerage Creations 1959-2015

Published Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This House of Lords Library briefing provides information on peerage creations announced through dissolution lists at each general election since 1958.

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For each of the general elections between 1959 and 2015, dissolution honours lists were published, which in each case contained nominations for new peerages. The timing and nature of these lists has varied, with some being issued prior to elections taking place and some general elections resulting in multiple lists. In total, 309 peers have been created in this manner (301 life peers and 8 new hereditary peerages). However, some of these lists may also have included peers nominated as a result of an outgoing prime minister’s resignation honours. These are not always easy to disaggregate, unless explicitly highlighted in the announcements. 

This Library briefing lists the number of peerages created through dissolution lists at each general election since 1959, alongside dates of the announcements and details of the prime ministers in office before and after each election.

Lords In Focus LIF-2017-0038

Author: Russell Taylor

Topics: House of Lords, Members of the Lords

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