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Resignation Honours: Peerage Creations since 1958

Published Friday, June 7, 2019

This House of Lords Library briefing provides a list of prime ministerial resignation honours that have included the awarding of peerages.

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Since 1958, only a small number of prime ministers have issued a resignation honours list. However, of those prime ministers who left office mid-term, only Tony Blair did not issue such a list.

On certain occasions combined resignation and dissolution honours lists have been published following general elections. These are listed below, together with the number of peerages the list contained (including those from their own and other parties), the date announced and the Prime Minister under whom the peerages were then created.

Prime Minister Leaving Office Number of New Peerages Announced Date Announced Prime Minister in Office When Announced
Harold Macmillan 1 18 October 1963 Alec Douglas-Home
Alec Douglas-Home 8 01 December 1964 Harold Wilson
Harold Wilson 9 02 June 1976 James Callaghan
Margaret Thatcher 7 20 December 1990 John Major
John Major 10 01 August 1997 Tony Blair
Gordon Brown 16 28 May 2010 David Cameron
David Cameron 16 04 August 2016 Theresa May

Lords Library notes LLN-2019-0071

Author: Laura Burton

Topic: House of Lords

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