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Criminal Justice and Courts Bill

Published Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill would make a number of changes to the criminal justice system including sentencing; cautions; prisoners’ release and recall; and the detention of young offenders. It would also reform court proceedings and costs; establish a new system of strict liability in contempt proceedings; create new offences for juror misconduct; make changes to the conduct and funding of judicial review claims; and amend the law on extreme pornography.

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The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill had its first reading in the House of Commons on 5 February 2014. Its second reading is expected on Monday 24 February. It is Bill 169 of 2013-14. The Bill has five parts and has eight schedules, covering:

• Criminal justice changes, including sentencing, cautions, and prisoners’ release and recall;

• Secure colleges for young offenders;

• Possession of extreme pornographic images;

• Courts and tribunal changes, including contributions towards court costs from convicted criminals;

• New provisions on contempt of court by the media and misconduct by jurors;

• Changes to the conduct and funding of judicial review claims

Commons Briefing papers RP14-8

Authors: Jacqueline Beard; Joanna Dawson; Catherine Fairbairn; Gabrielle Garton Grimwood; Oonagh Gay; Pat Strickland; John Woodhouse

Topics: Administration of justice, Civil law, Courts, Crime, Crimes of violence, Criminal law, Prisons, Sexual offences

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