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Published Tuesday, November 5, 2019

This briefing paper looks at how the number of post offices has changed over time, including by type and region / country.

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This Briefing Paper does not include the most up-to-date information. The most recent statistics are available in The Post Office Network Report 2019.

There were 11,547 branches in the Post Office network in March 2018. Over the previous year, the total number of post offices in the UK fell by 112 (1.0%).

Since around 2009 the number of post offices in the UK has remained reasonably consistent, in broad terms. Over the longer term (since the early 1980s) the number of post offices has almost halved.

Post Office Ltd, which owns and runs the Post Office Network, was separated from Royal Mail Group Ltd on 1 April 2012. In return for a package of Government funding for transformation and modernisation, the Post Office committed to investing in the network, and maintaining around 11,500 branches. Further details about Post Office Ltd are given in the Library Note The Post Office.

Further information on post offices in each constituency

A full list of Post offices by constituency has been made available to the Library by the Post Office Ltd, since 2002. These lists are copyrighted to the Post Office and for that reason the Library is only able to provide them to Members and their staff.

A table with the numbers of post offices by constituency Post offices by constituency is available via the Parliamentary intranet only.

Commons Briefing papers SN02585

Authors: Jennifer Brown; Lorna Booth; Lorna Booth; Jennifer Brown

Topic: Postal services

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