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Published Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A summary of statistics on drug use, drug seizures and drug offences.

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In year ending March 2017, police recorded 136,352 drug offences in England and Wales, a decrease of 8% on the previous year. Around 83% of all drug offences recorded by the police were for drug possession. Just under 76% of total drug offences recorded were for the possession of cannabis.

In England and Wales in 2016, there were just under 19,500 cautions for drug offences issued and around 45,500 offenders were proceeded against. Of the 45,500 proceeded against, just over 42,600 (94%) were convicted and sentenced.  36% of those sentenced received a fine and 21% received immediate custody (Source: MoJ, Criminal justice statistics outcomes by offence data tool,18 May 2017)

There were 138,955 drug seizures by police forces and UK Border Force in England and Wales in 2016/17*. This represents a decrease of 6% from 2015/16. Cannabis was the most commonly seized controlled substance accounting for 72% of all seizures in 2016/17, compared with cocaine (12%), heroin (7%) and crack (4%).


Commons Briefing papers SN02619

Author: Grahame Allen

Topics: Crime, Drugs crimes, Drugs misuse

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