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UK General Election results: Social Indicators page

Published Monday, November 27, 2017

General Election results: headline data and trends.

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The Conservatives’ best result since 1945 in terms of seats was the 1983 General Election, when they had 397 MPs elected. Their highest share of the vote was in 1955 when they polled 49.6%.

Labour’s 418 seats won in 1997 was their highest number ever. Their highest share of the vote since 1945 was 48.8% in 1951, an election that they lost.

In the 2005 General Election the Liberal Democrats won 62 seats, the highest post war total by the party or its predecessors.

Source: HOCL, Elections Database

Commons Briefing papers SN02632

Author: Noel Dempsey

Topics: By-elections, Election expenditure, Election results : UK, Elections, General elections

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