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Passenger transport in Great Britain: Social Indicators page

Published Monday, November 27, 2017

Social Indicator: Passenger transport

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Transport by cars, vans and taxis constituted 83% of the total distance travelled by passengers in Great Britain in 2015. In 1960 such transport accounted for june under one half of the total distance travelled.

Passenger transport

Rail travel in Great Britain remains at a historically high level - with over twice as many passenger kilometres travelled as in 1995, but the rapid growth in private road transport means that rail travel accounted for 10% of all passenger transport, compared with 17% in the early 1950s.

On average in 2016, people in England made 591 trips as a car driver or passenger covering a total of 5,079 miles.

In England, walkin was the main mode of travel for 243 trips per person in 2016. People walked an average of around 198 miles in 2016.


Commons Briefing papers SN02660

Author: Tom Rutherford

Topics: Railways, Roads

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