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Published Monday, November 27, 2017

Social Indicator: National rail usage and performance in Great Britain

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The number of passenger journeys on franchised national railway services is at record levels, with over 1.7 billion journeys in 2016/17. Since 1997/98, when privatisation of the railways was complete, the number of journeys has doubled.

National rail usage

The distance travelled by passengers remains at a historically high level. Figures for 2016 calendar year show 65 billion passenger kilometres travelled.

The Public Performance Measure (PPM) was introduced as the main measure of performance in 2000.  The PPM measures the performance of individual trains against their planned timetable, combining reliability and punctuality.

Public performance measures

In 2016/17 87.7% of franchised trains ran on time. The low point of the PPM was 78.0% in 2001/02 and the high point 91.6% in 2011/12.

Complaints by franchise

In 2016/17 Virgin Trains West Coast had the highest rate of complaints per 100,000 passenger journeys. The second most complained TOC per 100,000 passenger journeys was Virgin Trains East Coast.

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Author: Tom Rutherford

Topic: Railways

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