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Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal

Published Monday, October 17, 2011

In March 2005 the Malaysian Government approached the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to request permission to award the commemorative Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal to British veterans who had served in operations in Malaya or Malaysia between August 1957 and August 1966.

Following a review of the Rules Governing the Acceptance and Wearing of Foreign Orders, Decorations and Medals, the FCO announced on 31 January 2006 that permission for eligible veterans to receive the Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal had been granted by HM The Queen. However, permission was not granted for veterans to wear that award.

This note sets out the general rules on accepting and wearing foreign medals, the decision to approve the conferral of the Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal, and recent attempts in the House of Lords to amend the Armed Forces Bill in order to allow Malaysian veterans to wear the PJM.

Commons Briefing papers SN03914

Author: Claire Mills

Topic: Veterans

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