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Appointments to the Chiltern Hundreds and Manor of Northstead Stewardships since 1895

Published Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This note lists known appointments to the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds and the Manor of Northstead since the 1945 General Election.

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Why can’t a Member resign their seat?

Under a Resolution of the House of 2 March 1623, Members of Parliament cannot directly resign their seats. Deaths, disqualification, elevation to Peerage, dissolution or expulsion are the only causes by which a Member’s seat can be vacated. Therefore, a Member wishing to resign has to be appointed to a paid office of the Crown, which automatically disqualifies the Member from holding a seat in the House of Commons.

There are currently two nominal offices of profit under the Crown:

  • Crown Steward and Bailiff of the three Chiltern Hundreds of Stoke, Desborough and Burnham
  • Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead

Further information on the current procedure and its historical context can be found in the Commons briefing: Resignation from the House of Commons.


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Commons Briefing papers SN04731

Author: Sarah Priddy

Topics: House of Commons, Members of Parliament

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