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Hybrid Bills receiving Royal Assent since 1979

Published Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hybrid bills are public bills (i.e. of general application) which also contain provisions affecting the interests of certain individuals or organisations.

Parliamentary procedure for dealing with such bills combines elements of both public and private bill procedure.

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Date of first reading

Date of Royal Assent

82–83 Conwy Tunnel (Supplementary Powers)

10 November 1982

28 March 1983

Museum of London

7 November 1985

26 March 1986

Channel Tunnel

17 April 1986

23 July 1987

Norfolk and Suffolk Broads

18 November 1986

15 March 1988

Chevening Estate (Lords)

20 November 1986

15 May 1987

Dartford-Thurrock Crossing

1 April 1987

28 June 1988

Caldey Island

29 November 1989

1 November 1990

Agriculture and Forestry (Financial Provisions)

8 November 1990

25 July 1991

Severn Bridges

27 November 1990

13 February 1992

Cardiff Bay Barrage

4 November 1991

05 November 1993

Channel Tunnel Rail Link

23 November 1994

18 December 1996

Crossrail Bill

22 February 2005

22 July 2008


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