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Constituency casework: schools in England

Published Thursday, October 25, 2018

This House of Commons Library briefing provides an introduction and reference guide to the key schools-related topics often raised with Members by constituents.

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Members often receive enquiries from constituents about school-related matters.  Many of these can be answered from readily available information on the internet or in standard publications.  Where complex issues are raised it may be more appropriate to refer the constituent to specialist bodies and organisations or to a solicitor if legal advice is sought. 

This note gives a very brief overview of the structure of the state-maintained school system including an outline of the different categories of schools as often an answer to a school-related constituency question may depend upon the type of school in question.  The note provides brief background and key sources on a selection of issues that are typically raised with Members by constituents.  Members who have questions on topics not covered here may contact the Social Policy Section for information. 

The various guidance documents referred to in this Standard Note are current at the time of writing; however, some sources are updated regularly or from time to time so it is advisable to check the relevant websites, particularly, for up-dates.

This note relates to England only.  Education is a devolved area and information on school-related issues is available on the websites of the Welsh Assembly Government, Scottish Government, and the Northern Ireland Department of Education.

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Commons Briefing papers SN05396

Author: Robert Long

Topics: Local authorities: education, Schools, Special educational needs

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