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Damage to property by police forcing entry

Published Friday, October 14, 2016

This note looks at whether it is possible to get compensation for damage to a front door when the police have forced entry.

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Constituents sometimes ask whether they can get compensation for damage (for example to a front door) following forced entry by the police. Police forces do sometimes make ex gratia payments or pay compensation following such damage, for example where the raid was at the wrong premises. However, statutory guidance states that compensation for such damage is “unlikely to be appropriate if the search was lawful, and the force used can be shown to be reasonable, proportionate and necessary to effect entry.” Where a police force refuses to make such a payment, then a constituent wishing to pursue the matter further would need to obtain specialist legal advice.

The information in this note applies in England and Wales.

Commons Briefing papers SN06627

Author: Pat Strickland

Topic: Police

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