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Debate on possible independence of Catalonia: key issues

Published Friday, July 11, 2014

The Catalan Government hopes to hold a "consultation" on Catalan independence on 9 November 2014., but the Spanish Government hopes to prevent it from going ahead. This note provides an overview of the debate.

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Catalonia, a prosperous region in north-eastern Spain, has an autonomous Parliament. At present, parties in favour of Catalan independence have a majority in this Parliament, and earlier this year the regional administration requested Madrid’s permission to hold a binding referendum on independence. The Parliament of Spain rejected this proposal, and the replacement “popular consultation” which was due to take place on 9 November has been effectively blocked by the Constitutional Court. The Catalan Government still hopes to hold some form of vote on 9 November, but it is unclear whether this will go ahead. This note provides an overview of recent developments and key issues in the debate.

Commons Briefing papers SN06933

Author: Rob Page

Topics: Devolution, Europe, European Commission, International politics and government

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